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The Dandy
Longest running British comic. First published in 1937.

An overview of the Grandfather of American comics.

Girls comic published early 1960's.
Doctor Who
Classic Sci-Fi adventures of the time travelling Doctor.
Donald Duck
Half size, 32 page comic, published in the UK 1975/76
Donald & Mickey
First published in 1972.
Action and adventure comic starring Dan Dare.
Express Weekly
Beaverbrook publication for boys from the 50s

UK superhero comic paper from Odhams Press published in the late 60s

Film Fun
Long running comedy comic, first published in 1920.

Forces in Combat
Early 80's action and adventure comic from Marvel.
Very short lived Marvel action and adventure comic from 1977.
Sister comic to Eagle from Hulton Press

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Pippin in Playland Early learning comic for young children with BBC TV characters.
Pixie Young girls comic from the early 70s published by IPC Magazines
Planet of the Apes First published in August 1974 by the Marvel Group.
Playhour Early learning comic for young children with BBC TV characters.
Plug The queer fish of the comic world. First published in 1977.
Pow Late 60's all rounder from Odhams Press.
Ranger A great boys comic from Fleetway publshed in the early 60s for 40 issues.
Romeo Older girls comic from D.C. Thompson with strips and stories.
Rover Long running boys comic, first published in 1922.
Roy of the Rovers Football, action and adventure from I.P.C. Magazines.
Sandie Early 1970s girls comic from IPC Magazines.
School Friend Girls comic published in the 50's and 60's by Fleetway.
School Fun 1983 offering from Fleetway, comic strip for boys and girls.
Scorcher Early 70's football comic with mostly comic strips.
Scout Pre 1950's official comic paper of the Boy Scout Movement.
Scramble First published in 1948, adventure comic for boys.
Scream Horror, Sci-Fi from I.P.C, first published in March 1984.
See-Saw The BBC's favourite childrens characters from the late 70's.
Shiver & Shake 1970's boys and girls comic from Fleetway.
Shoot Late 70's football paper mag from I.P.C. Magazines.
Skipper Pre.War Boys Comic from D.C.Thompson.
Smash Comic strip and adventure, first published in 1966.
Sparky Colourful comic strip from D.C.Thompson, first published in 1965.
Speed Action and adventure, first published in 1980.
Spider-Man General overview of Spider-Man comics published in the UK.
Spike Short run Boys comic first published by DC. Thompson in 1983.
Starlord Sci-Fi action and adventure, first published in 1978.
Star Wars First published in 1978, black and white editions.
Streamline Manchester underground comic from the mid 60's.
Sun Pre 1950's comic paper for boys and girls, mostly story boards.
Sunbeam Pre 1940's colourful young childrens comic.
Superman A pictorial of Superman comics.
Tammy Comic for girls, comic strips, things to do and stories.
Target ITV "TV Action Paper" from the 70's.
Terrific UK superhero comic paper from Odhams Press published in the late 60s.
Thriller Picture Lib. Classic British "pocket size" comic books from the 50's and 60's.
Tiger Roy of the Rovers home for many years, first published in 1954.
The Topper Started life as a broadsheet in 1953, boys and girls comic strips.
Tornado Action and adventure from IPC Magazines, first published 1979.
2000AD Sci-Fi adventure, first published in February 1977.
TV 21 "Newspaper of the Future", based on Gerry Anderson's productions.
TV Comic First published in 1951, cartoons and TV programmes of the day.
TV Fun A 'Look-in' style comic from Amalgamated Press published in the 50s.
Twinkle "The picture paper specially for little girls." 70's classic.
Valiant Companion paper to Hurricane, first published in 1962.
Valour Marvel Sci-Fi action, first published in 1980.
Victor Action, adventure and war comic strips, first published in 1961.
Vulcan Great 70's colourful Sci-Fi weekly from IPC Magazines
Warlord Action, adventure and war comic, first published in 1974.
Wham Comic strip fun for older children, first published in 1964.
Whizzer & Chips 1970's split personality comic. Whose side were you on ?
Whoopee 1970's boys and girls comic from I.P.C. Magazines.
Wizard Pre 1950's adventure comic for boys, comic strips and stories. 
World of Wonder Early 1970s educational facts and figures comic/magazine from IPC.
Wow First published in 1982, boys and girls comic strip.
Zip Short lived comic from Odhams Press, first published in 1958.




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