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I see there is no info on Whoopee , I have a number 7 april 20 1974 so you could work back from there. It was an enjoyable comic and I remember getting it from the local book exchanges in the mid 70s. The first few issues came out as a smaller size comic and I remember the bumpkin billionaires and Scared stiff sam, and was glad to see cheeky join in around 1981 - Chris Salmon

Don't know too much about it but I did use to get it regularly. (er..the comic!). As I recall, there was another comic called "Shiver and Shake". This was the one I used to get - characters such as "Frankie Stein". "Shiver and Shake" then teamed up with "Whoopee" and it was called something like "Whoopee and Shiver and Shake". Eventually (I remember being disgruntled, as a loyal "S and S" fan) it was just called "Whoopee" but it did keep some of the strips from "Shiver and Shake". Characters included "Lolly Pop" (and his son, Archie); "Ivor Lott and Tony Broke" and "Sweeney Todd", a single toothed, evil baby! - many people's favourite, methinks.- Paul

Two features in the early isues were Kid Cartoonist, a strip drawn by a reader. And the Wanted Poster. At the time Shiver and Shake did Creepy Creations in which readers were invited to design a monster, which would be crawn on theback page by Ken Reid. And for Whoopee readers could design a Wanted poster which Ken Reid would draw. When Whoopee incorprated Shiver and Shake, the Wanted poster was dropped in favour of World Wide Weirdies in which readers would draw punningly titled spooky land-marks (eg Screaming Tower of Pisa). Ken Reid drew that as well. The most unusual strip in Whoopee was Dick Doobie the upside down back to front man. To understand what Dick was saying you had to hold the coimc upside down in front of a mirror. This strip was drawn by Steve Bell who later went on to do If... for the Guardian Whoopee merged with Whizzer and Chips in 1985 - Clive Huggett

Here's more info on IPC's Whoopee!, No 1 of which would've appeared around Monday 4 March 1974 (priced 5p) - although apart from No 2, the first few issues appeared without cover date. The first free gift was a Super Squirt Ring. The first twenty or so issues were good value - 40 pages containing so many strips that the comic had its own Contents list on the inside front cover.

Most of the strips in Whoopee! were, naturally, retreads of IPC archetypes. To name hut a few: Little Miss Muffit, an accident-prone lass; The Ghost Train, Daisy Jones' Locket, and Evil Eye representing the spooky quotient; The Upper Crusts & the Lazy Loafers (think Ivor Lott and Tony Broke, The Toffs and the Tuffs, et al) as the 'social contrasts' characters; Clever Dick and Dozy Mick, smart-arse vrs. dimwit (no relation to Baxendale's Clever Dick, ex-of Buster); The Wolf Pack, Lunchin' Vulture, Clobber (a boxing kangaroo), and Stoker (ship's cat), as the animal characters; Snap Happy, and Ad Lad, as groovy-lads-doing-groovy-adulty-things characters.

However, the real stars of Whoopee! were the historically-themed King Arthur and his Frights of the Round Table beautifully drawn by Robert Nixon, and the back page feature WANTED, a variant of Ken Reid's Creepy Creations and World Wide Weirdies. Sheer joy.

Another Whoopee! feature worth noting was 'Kid Cartoonist', where readers were invited to submit their own self-scripted/self-drawn strips for a 3 fee. Wonder what regular IPC contributors thought about this early take on audience participation robbing them of work?

Toonhounds has more on Whoopee! - http://www.toonhound.com/whoopee.html. - Jimbo

Supermum was drawn by Dicky Howitt and written by Tim Quinn who later did the Doctor Who? strip and other spoof strips for Doctor Who Magazine. While they were still with Whoopeee Tim and Dick made a guest appearance on Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. It might have been the 100th programme. - Clive Huggett

I got Whoopee from 1988 - 1991 and still have a few. I absolutely adored it. My favourite characters are Smiler, Supermum, Sweeny Toddler (I think this strip came from Shiver and Shake), Frankie Stein, Stage School and Mustapha Million.

The main reason however for buying the comic for me was Paddywack. The drawings were so unique and the strip was so funny (often involving animals like cats, dogs and worms). I was disheartened that the strip was cut from a full page to one section. Does anybody else remember this character?

The strip writers I remember mentioned were Sid Burgon (Bookworm, Lolly Pop), Robert Nixon (Stage School, Frankie Stein), Terry Bave (Toyboy, Calculator Kid), Tom Patterson (Sweeny Toddler, Team Mates) and Frank McDiarmid (Boy Boss, Cheeky) - Robert Preston

If you have any other information on Whoopee please drop us a line.Drop us a line.




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